Monday, December 27, 2010

Contest/Poll Ideas?

Hello everyone(: Nicole, Cary, and I haven't started our poll/contest tab yet... If you have ANY ideas for unique contests then post a comment below, we will consider each idea but they have to be unique... Ex. Who can throw the best party? That is an example where Nicole, Cary, and I would need to be invited to the party so we can 'evaluate' the best party ;D

It would help if you posted some ideas(:
Thanks, Nicky, Cary & Nat

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Starting Over

This blog wasn't doing very well last time I viewed it, and I want it to be a successful blog. So starting now it is getting a make-over!! It will look more professional, elegant and unique! This will include new Banner's, Signatures and more. =) I'm very excited!! We'll still have our same super-fantastic team:
Owner; Moi, LonnaLang, Carolyn
Co-Owner; NickyChicky98, Nicky
cherry-mama, Cherry
ColorMEpretty, Natalie

Can't wait to see you soon!!! =DDD